Wonder 5-15-19


All around us are wonderful wonders which can elevate and inspire us. Simply lift up your eyes “unto the hills of goodness” surrounding you instead of focusing on the mud and muck of media driven “drama” depressing and disheartening you.

The springing forth of nature from its winter drab into blooming flowers and trees is certainly a wonder and awe inspiring but I want to look at wonders that are a little deeper than that. I want to look beyond “eye candy” and wonder at the wonders of life.

The Timelessness of Time is a wonder. People are born and die. Nations rise and fall. But day after day there is day after day. There is coming a day when “there shall be Time no longer” (Re 10:6) but until that glorious day we should wonder at Time and use it wisely.

The fact that God put the earth into exactly the right orbit, in exactly the right universe, so it could support and sustain life, is a wonder. The marvel of Adam “knowing” Eve producing a world changing world of people on this earth, each with a unique personality and potential, is a wonder.

But the most wonderful wonder is that God would love a sinner like me, allow me to be born again into His family, empower me to live victoriously here, and then tell me I get to spend eternity in a wonderful place He has prepared me. No wonder I wonder at the wonders supplied by a wonderful God!

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