Love works at Love 5-8-19


Love is the heart throb of any real relationship. Without Love, people exist in the same house as a corporation instead of for companionship (Corporations seek to profit from others. Companionship seeks a heart sharing partnership). Without real love family members end up in the same room staring at a TV, or a phone, or an IPad building walls of isolation instead of bridges of intimacy.

It does not have to be this way. Solomon said (Song of Solomon 8:7) that “if a man would give all the substance of his house for love” the price would be worth the result! Love will work if we work at love.

Find time to spend time with those you love. I understand that to many people a long leisurely talk on the porch sounds good but they are so busy they cannot even remember if they have a porch! Just remember that ten minutes of heart to heart with loved ones will have a much greater impact than six hours of “reality” shows, Snapchat, or killing a thousand aliens in a game.

We can keep the Light of Love burning brightly in our lives when we take time to “stroke the fires of love”. No matter how big your home, or how fancy your possessions, they are simply “things” without love and companionship. Make time for those you love (especially on Mother’s Day!) and joyfully see love making a difference in your life.

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