Rev. Mike Jones

Someone once prayed, “Lord, you have given so much to us, give us one more thing- a grateful heart.” Can you identify these people who gave Thanks to God (Even if sometimes it was for the wrong reason!).

  1. He gave thanks that he was not like other men.
  2. He took a cup and gave thanks for his coming death.
  3. He was healed and returned to Jesus to give thanks.
  4. He knelt and gave thanks three times a day.
  5. He gave thanks to God for a blessing so great it was an “unspeakable gift.”
  6. He thanked God for supplying the material necessary to build the temple.
  7. He thanked God that God’s truth was revealed to babes.
  8. He gave thanks when he saw the infant Jesus, knowing it may mean his coming death.
  9. They sang thanks to God when the temple foundation was laid.
  10. He thanked God from the “belly of hell”.



  1. the Pharisee, Luke 18:11
  2. Jesus, Luke 22:17
  3. a Samaritan leper, Luke 17:12 16
  4. Daniel 6:10
  5. Paul, 2 Corinthians 9:15
  6. David, I Chronicles 29:9 13
  7. Jesus. Matthew 11:25
  8. Simeon (and Anna). Luke 2:25-38
  9. Priests and Levites, Ezra 3:10,11
  10. Jonah 2:1, 9

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