Tribulation or Celebration 10-1-18

Will this be the day we finally see Him face to face whom so long we have known heart to heart?


Rev. Mike Jones

Jesus is coming. Write it down. Mark it on your calendar. Look for it to happen. Expect it any minute. But remember this, regardless of what you do; the coming of Jesus is going to take place. That is a fact, Jack!

When Jesus returns to get His Bride (the Church) it will be Celebration in Heaven or Tribulation on earth; Joyful reunion or Judgmental Wrath; the marvels of the Heavenly kingdom or the mark of the satanic empire.

What will determine if it will be celebration or tribulation for you? Easy answer, the determining factor is your relationship with Jesus Christ. I think that makes your salvation and your service for God the most important thing in your day.

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