AnimalPreacher 9-28-18

As we witness Politicians acting like “animals” remember God may be using “donkeys and elephants” to call America to Repentance and Revival.


Rev. Mike Jones

God’s message is so important until He sometimes uses animal preachers to preach His preaching. He used a talking donkey to warn the prophet Balaam. He used a Whale to lead the prophet Jonah to repentance. He used a Dove to tell Noah when it was time to leave the ark. [Marvel at HOW he used them: It is a supernatural thing for a donkey to talk; it is a natural thing for a whale to eat something in the water but it was a supernatural thing to preserve Jonah alive for 3 days and then vomit him up on the shore {God had Prepared Him- Jonah 1:17}; and it was a completely natural thing for a dove to return to the ark until the ground was dry enough for man to live].

God used a Crowing Rooster to convict the Apostle Peter (Matt 26:75) and “lockjaw lions” to preserve Daniel and show a foreign King His power (Dan 6:25-27). He used a powerless snake to promote the Apostle Paul so he could bring a great revival to an island (Acts 28:3-10) and Christ used fallen sparrows to proclaim God’s constant care (Matt 10:29).

Do not let the fact that God speaks in unusual ways make you miss His message. It is the most important communication you will hear today.

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